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BBAC started a new series of classes and of course, I signed up again. Even though I’ve already taken this class, the instructor (Mary) has given me and the other “oldies” new projects. Currently, I’m working on more fishies. So far I have three complete. I’m also trying to figure out a way to construct the sharp part of a pin as part of the initial design and not an addition. I know I can add it later, but I don’t know. Wouldn’t it look cooler if the pin were part of the frame? I moved everything back down to the kitchen table again. However, a nice student in the class, Becky, turned me onto Tuesday Morning, where they have the coolest little tote. It’s the kind that has lots of pockets and drawers and is deep enough to put my hammers in. So on the unlikely chance that someone comes over for dinner, I can throw everything in and head back upstairs. I have to limit my time twisting wire. My hands hurt after too much. No more marathon sessions. Now that Christmas is over, there’s no need to power-create jewelry.