I’d be the first to admit that I’m lazy. I’m a lazy writer, and I’m also a lazy jewelry artist.

That being said, this year, I’m kicking myself in the butt. I think I’ve successfully done so with my writing, but not with maintaining this web site. There are a few reasons why I got bogged down and disinterested. One, my SPAM hits were going off the charts. Every two weeks or so, I’d have to delete a thousand stupid bot comments, most of which were coming from Eastern Europe. I also had a back load of photographs to take. Taking pictures of jewelry is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re lacking the photographic/photogenic gene, as I appear to.

In short, it just wasn’t very much fun.

This new year I’m announcing that I am jump starting my blog. Thanks to my inspiration, Nina Amir, who I met at the San Francisco Writers Conference. At various times using various tactics, I have aspired to blog a book in a year. Twisted and Wired is going to be thrown on that fire as well.

I got rid of the capability to take comments. If you want to contact me, the information is contained in the blog here. Send me an email.

*whew* Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way:

I started the wire wrap class (again) at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. If you’re in the Detroit area, you MUST take a class here. It doesn’t matter what subject, the facility is wonderful, the teachers are great, and the atmosphere is stress free. I started out with a drawing class many years ago. It’s not that I wanted to learn to draw; after all, I majored in art at the University of Minnesota. It’s that I wanted to get out of the house three hours one night a week and create something with my hands.

Same goes for jewelry. I have no intentions of going into the business, doing weekend after weekend of craft shows, or launching an eBay or Etsy shop. My main motivation was to create wearable art. Something different, something no one else has, and few can dream of.

My biggest “hobby” continues to be writing. Jewelry is a some-time gig, a diversion that relaxes me, something to do with my hands when I’m bored.

As with writing, music, or anything else, a true artist must seek perfection in the work. If you’re seeking a monetary reward, you’re not an artist. It’s a given that we’re all starving.

In addition to posting more, I’ll try to put up more pictures (honest!). I’m also trying to work out a few tutorials, not easy to do with my kind of work.

It’s a new year, let’s go in a new direction.