The title says it all.

I’m working in conjunction with the Michigan Silversmith Guild, and we will all be sharing a booth. I’ve been busy tagging, bagging, inventorying and taking photos. Hope to see you there! July 20 to 23. 🙂

Here are some of the items that will be offered for sale.

A very cool copper bracelet with an agate focal. The small wires were made into headpins using FIRE (woo-hoo!) and then woven together.

A pendant with Cripple Creek turquoise, unpolished aquamarine, onyx cab, and garnets set in snap sets. All sterling.

Copper/brass wirewrap pendant featuring large pyrite nugget, citrine faceted gem stone and quartz point.

Pyrite, turquoise, garnet gems in snap sets, all in sterling silver.

Copper/brass wirewrapped pendant, featuring a beautiful agate cab and large citrine cut gemstone.

OK. I’m going back to work now. See you at the Art Fair!