I wish I could say I was busy in the studio, but in actuality I have been tightening up my novel. And dealing with snow. And trying to maintain the rest of my life. Wire wrap classes started up again two weeks ago at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, and what a surprise to see […]

It’s summer and I’ve been busy! Mary’s wire wrap class at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center ended weeks ago, and of course, there is my life to consider (work, home, garden, kids, work, sick cat, writing, editing, and more work). Toward the end of this month – once the chaos ends – I plan on […]

Tomorrow night is the last wire wrap class until October, and since my last post, I’ve been very, very busy, both with wrapping, using flames (I love playing with fire…) and finally experimenting with prong settings. I’ll post more about the other things in the weeks to come, but today’s post is about prong settings. […]

Those of you who are older than dirt (like me) will remember the vinyl records. You know, before iTunes, before CDs, way before cassette tapes and 8-tracks, there was vinyl. We played them on the hugely antique and wildly humorous record players, or turntables as they were called later on. There were vinyl albums and […]

It’s time to take my addiction to wire wrap to a new level. Per the direction of my husband (who loves my work), my wire wrap teacher (who thinks my ideas are… well, twisted and wired) and our accountant (who thinks I should sell enough of of my jewelry to pay for my obsession), I […]

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BBAC started a new series of classes and of course, I signed up again. Even though I’ve already taken this class, the instructor (Mary) has given me and the other “oldies” new projects. Currently, I’m working on more fishies. So far I have three complete. I’m also trying to figure out a way to construct […]