I’ve been entering the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center student show every year for…years? and have never won anything. Yes, my pieces are shown, sometimes, but winning a prize has been elusive. This year, I won a Marcia Boehm award. Prestige, and a gift certificate to my favorite jewelers’ supply store. And it was on this […]

At the end of August, I participated in the Leon and Lulu Artist Market. If you haven’t visited this store, you really should! In Clawson at 14 Mile and just west of Main Street, Leon and Lulu is an eclectic mix of furniture, clothing, and general items found no where else. It reminds me of […]

This year, I participated once again in the Ann Arbor Art Fair, manning the booth for the Michigan Silversmith Guild. The weather wasn’t bad… hot but not life threatening, a storm, but nothing broke and little became waterlogged. It was a very long three days, however. I don’t know how people who travel the art […]

Sterling silver, 14k rose and yellow gold filled wire. Cripple Creek turquoise, labradorite, Herkimer diamond, mystic topaz, garnet. With current chain, approximately 18″ long but can be adjusted. $500 includes shipping. Pendant (to be hung on silver chain). Sterling silver, 14k rose and yellow gold filled wire. Amethyst, green amethyst, mystic topaz, peridot. $350 includes […]

Sterling silver pendant, 14k gold fill wire, 14k rose gold fill wire, Cripple Creek turquoise, pink topaz, two garnets. Approximately 2.5″ x 3″ – $200, includes choice of neck wire. Pendant, sterling silver, 14k rose gold fill wire, Cripple Creek turquoise nugget, a very large and nice faceted peridot, Herkimer diamond nugget. Approximately 3″ x […]

2014 was a brutal year. It was year full of stress, where I wrote very little, and created jewelry even less. There were problems everywhere, my husband’s pulmonary embolism, my dad falling and hitting his head on the patio (while chasing a mouse!) and getting his own blood clot on his brain, my son with […]

I’ve been very bad. It’s been over a year since I’ve been here, and I promise, I’ll be better. Pin with turquoise, amethyst, pyrite, peridot, blue topaz, and citrine. Pendant in sterling silver and gold fill, with turquoise, blue topaz, citrine.   Pendant with garnet, topaz, amethyst point, turquoise, peridot and citrine.   Copper pendant […]

I wish I could say I was busy in the studio, but in actuality I have been tightening up my novel. And dealing with snow. And trying to maintain the rest of my life. Wire wrap classes started up again two weeks ago at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, and what a surprise to see […]