This year, I participated once again in the Ann Arbor Art Fair, manning the booth for the Michigan Silversmith Guild.

The weather wasn’t bad… hot but not life threatening, a storm, but nothing broke and little became waterlogged. It was a very long three days, however. I don’t know how people who travel the art fair circuit do it if they are by themselves. The Guild provides booth sitting services for those poor souls, but a once or twice a day break is not enough! I’m so glad I was in a booth with five other artists – at least, I could go to the bathroom whenever I had to or could grab a bite to eat.

I’d like to say that I sold all my inventory, but, no…while business was brisk and I can honestly say it was worth it (especially after finding $5 parking!), I still have a lot of stock.

I will post some photos in the next few weeks… I am now going to concentrate on my writing for the rest of the summer and worry about jewelry design in September when I go back to class.

seaglass1This sea glass pendant came back home with me. I sold the smaller one with blue/green freshwater pearls. While I won’t be making anything, I’ll try to get some photographs done.

Once I clean my basement and the Art Fair wake.

Stay tuned!