It’s summer and I’ve been busy! Mary’s wire wrap class at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center ended weeks ago, and of course, there is my life to consider (work, home, garden, kids, work, sick cat, writing, editing, and more work). Toward the end of this month – once the chaos ends – I plan on putting almost all of my pieces up for sale (and at very reasonable price points too!) so if you are at all interested in purchasing any of my work, please keep your eyes peeled. If you see something you like, let me know. Or, if you don’t see something you like and are interested in talking about a custom design, I’m available for that as well.

I learned a new way to wire wrap cabochons for rings! So simple too. This one is a dark amethyst wrapped in very heavy copper (16 gauge) square wire. It’s a man ring!

An alternate way of wrapping large cut gemstones. This is a quartz wrapped in silver.

Cut amethyst stone wrapped in silver. The top photo is the front of the pendant, the bottom shows the back. The stone is set inside a wrapped silver jump ring. Setting stones in a wrapped jump ring was one of my last lessons of the summer, and it’s not easy on the eyes! However, if done correctly, the result is a piece where the gem looks like it is suspended in mid-air.

One of the cancer ribbons I did for a friend and my sister. The stone is a pear shaped pink topaz. I used a snap-tite snap set for this stone. I made several ‘ribbons’ before I was satisfied with the two I ended up with.

The other cancer ‘ribbon’ – in this one the round pink topaz is suspended in a wire wrapped jump ring. Also, the ends of the silver wire have been balled using a torch.

Pendant wrapped in silver featuring a garnet in a jump ring setting and one in a snap-tite setting.

Faceted large quartz stone wrapped in silver.

Pear shaped mystic topaz set with a snap-tite setting and wrapped with silver.

It hasn’t been all gem stones. Of course I’ve been wrapping polished rocks and fossils. This is an ammonite wrapped in brass, copper, rose gold and silver.

One of my favorites of the summer. This is a hematite wrapped in copper. Side A, very nice.

B side of the same stone.

Hematite wrapped in silver, Side A. These stones were purchased at the last gem show in July, and the hematites are all very shiny, as you can tell by the reflection of my camera!

Flip side of the previous stone. I love these in that it’s getting two different looks in one pendant.

Another hematite wrapped in sterling silver.

Side B of the same stone.

I have at least two dozen I’ll be listing for sale, so please stay tuned.


  • Ruvy Kossover


    This display reminds me of a book I read once. “Man in the High Tower”. Read it. As you get towards the end, it may give you shivers down your spine…..

    August 9, 2010 at 6:48 am

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